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مطالعات ایران‌شناسی در جهان

تازه‌های کتاب‌ در کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی 1396، بخش اول  

کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی، جهت اطلاع و دستیابی محققان و پژوهشگران محترم، کتابشناسی منابع لاتین و فارسی خریداری شده را طی چند بخش در سایت کتابخانه معرفی می نماید؛ بخش اول معرفی این کتابها ارائه می شود:

Title: Abbas Kiarostami and film-philosophy/ Mathew Abbott

‏Publication: Edinburgh: Edinburgh University press, 2017

‏Subject: 1.Kiarostami, Abbas. 2. ‏Motion pictures - Philosophy

‏Library of Congress Classification: PN1993.5.I846A22 2016

‏Title: An Akkadian handbook: helps, paradigms, glossary, logograms, and sign list\ Douglas B. Miller and R. Mark Shipp

‏Publication: Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 2014

‏‏Subject: 1.Akkadian language - Grammar. 2.‏ Akkadian language - Spoken Akkadian. 3. Akkadian language - Grammar, Handbooks, manuals, etc

‏Library of Congress Classification: R PJ3251.M5A38 2014

‏Title: Alexander the Great and the East: History, Art, Tradition\ Edited by Krzysztof Nawotka, Agnieszka Wojciechowska

‏Publication: Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2016

‏Subject: 1. Alexander, the Great, 356 B.C.-323 B.C. 2. Asia - History

‏Library of Congress Classification: DF234.A55 2016

‏Title: The Arab world and Iran: a turbulent region in transition\ edited by Amin Saikal

‏Publication: New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

‏Subject: 1. Middle East - Foreign relations - Iran. 2. ‏Iran - Foreign relations - Middle East. 3. ‏Middle East - Politics and government, 21st century

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS63.2.I7A7 2016

‏Title: The architecture of late Assyrian royal palaces\ David Kertai

‏Publication: U.K.: Oxford University press, 2015

‏‏Subject: 1. Architecture - Assyria. 2. Palaces - Assyria

‏Library of Congress Classification: NA220.K47 2015

‏Title: Art, trade and culture in the Islamic world and beyond: from the Fatimids to the Mughals\ studies presented to Doris Behrens-Abouseif; edited by Alison Ohta, J.M. Rogers and Rosalind Wade Haddon

‏Publication: London: Gingko Library, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Art - Economic aspects - Islamic countries - History. 2. ‏Islamic countries - Relations - Europe - History. 3. Europe - Relations - Islamic countries - History. 4. Islamic countries - Relations - Asia - History. 5. Asia - Relations - Islamic countries - History

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: DS35.63.A78 2016

‏Title: Authority and identity in medieval Islamic historiography: Persian histories from the peripheries\ Mimi Hanaoka

‏Publication: New York: Cambridge University press, 2016

‏Subject: 1. Iran - History, 640-1256 - Historiography. 2. Iran - History, 1256-1500 – Historiography 3. Turkey - History, To 1453 - Historiography

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS271.5.H36A8 2016

‏Title: Boars, bazaars and bugging out: a memoir of American families in Iran, 1975-1979\ Sandra Kelton Pitts

‏Publication: Ashland, Oregon: Hellgate Press, 2013

‏‏Subject: 1. Iran - description and travel - History, 1950-1979. 2. ‏ Americans - Iran - Biography 3.‏Military dependents - United States - Biography. 4. Martial law - Iran - History - 20th century

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: DS259.P5B6 2013

‏Title: British imperialism in Qajar Iran: consuls, agents and influence in the Middle East\ H. Lyman Stebbins

‏Publication: London; New York: I.B.Tauris, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Iran - History - Qajar dynasty, 1794-1925. 2. Iran - Foreign relations - Great Britain -History. 3. Great Britain - Foreign relations - Iran - History

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS274.2.G7S74 2016

‏Title: The British role in Iranian domestic politics (1951-1953)\ Mansoureh Ebrahimi

‏Publication: [Cham]; Switzerland: Springer, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Iran - Foreign relations - Great Britain. 2. Iran - Politics and government - 1941-1979 3.Iran - History - Coup d'etat, 1953

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS274.2.G7E2 2016

‏Title: Building Iran : modernism, architecture, and national heritage under the Pahlavi monarchs/ Talinn Grigor

‏‏Publication: New York: Periscope Pub., Distributed by Prestel, 2009

‏‏Subject: 1. Architecture - Iran - History - 20th century. 2. Iran - History - Pahlavi dynasty 1925-1979. 3. Iran - Civilization. 4. Iran - Politics and government - 20th century

‏Library of Congress Classification: NA1485.G75 2009

‏Title: Camera Orientalis: reflections on photography of the Middle East/ Ali Behdad.

‏Publication: Chicago; London: The University of chicsgo press, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Photography - Middle East - History - 19th century. 2. Photography - Political aspects - Middle East. 3. Orientalism in art

‏Library of Congress Classification: TR114.B44 2016

‏Title: Central Asia and Iran: Greeks, Parthians, Kushans and Sasanians

‏Publication: Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press, 2015

‏‏Subject: 1. Archaeological expeditions - Asia, Central. 2. Asia, Central - Antiquities. 3. Asia, Central - Civilization

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS328.C4 2015

‏‏Title: Charand-o parand: revolutionary satire from Iran, 1907-1909\ Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda; translated and with an introduction and notes by Janet Afary and John R. Perry

‏Publication: New Haven: Yale university press, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Political satire, Persian. 2. Persian wit and humor. 3. ‏Iran - Politics and government - Humor

‏Library of Congress Classification: PK6561.D5A2 2016

‎‏‏Title: City of lies: love, sex, death, and the search for truth in Tehran\ Ramita Navai

‏‏Publication: New York: Public Affairs, 2014

‏Subject: 1. Tehran (Iran) - Social conditions, 21st century. 2. ‏Tehran (Iran) - Social life and customs, 21st century

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS325.T3N39 2014

‏Title: Constantine and the captive Christians of Persia: martyrdom and religious identity in Late Antiquity\ Kyle Smith

‏Publication: Oakland, California: University of California, 2016

‏Subject: 1. Constantine, I,-337. 2. ‏Syriac Christians - Iraq - History - To 1500. 3. ‏Syriac Christians - Iran - History - To 1500. 4. ‏Syriac Christians - History - To 1500, Sources

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: DS59.S94S56 2016

‎‏‏Title: Court and cosmos : the great age of the Seljuqs/ Sheila R. Canby, Deniz Beyazit, Martina Rugiadi, and A.C.S. Peacock ; with contributions by Alzahraa K. Ahmed, Maryam Ekhtiar, Michael Falcetano, Abdullah Ghouchani, Pinar Gokpinar-Gnepp, and Renata Holod

‏Publication: New York: The metropolitan museum of art, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Art, Seljuk - Exhibitions. 2. Seljuks - Civilization, Exhibitions

‏‏‏Library of Congress Classification: N7163.C36 2016

‏‏Title: Covenant in the Persian period: from Genesis to Chronicles\ edited by Richard J. Bautch and Gary N. Knoppers

‏Publication: Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 2015

‏‏Subject: 1. Covenant theology - Biblical teaching. 2. ‏Jews - History - Babylonian captivity, 598-515 B.C.- Biblical teaching

‏Library of Congress Classification: BS680.C67C66 2015

‏Title: Crude strategy: rethinking the US military commitment to defend Persian Gulf oil\ Charles L. Glaser and Rosemary A. Kelanic, editors

‏Publication: Washington. DC: Georgetown University press, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Petroleum industry and trade - Political aspects - Persian Gulf Region. 2. ‏Persian Gulf Region - Strategic aspects. 3. ‏United States - Military relations - Persian Gulf Region. 4. ‏Persian Gulf Region - Military relations - United States

‏Library of Congress Classification: UA832.C78 2016

‎‏‏Title: Ctesias' Persica and its Near Eastern context\ Matt Waters

‏Publication: Madison, Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin press, 2017

‏Subject: 1. Ctesias, Persica. 2. ‏Iran - History, To 640 - Historiography. 3.‏ Iran - History, To 640 - Sources

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS271.7.C78W38 2017

‏‏Title: The development of Saudi-Iranian relations since the 1990s: between conflict and accommodation/ Fahad Mohammad Alsultan and Pedram Saeid

‏Publication: London ; New York: Routledge, 2017

‏Subject: 1. Saudi Arabia - Foreign relations - Iran. 2.‏ Iran - Foreign relations - Saudi Arabia

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS228.I7A37 2017

‏Title: The development of science and technology in Iran: policies and learning frameworks\ Abdol S. Soofi, Mehdi Goodarzi, editors

‏Publication: [New York]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

‏‏Subject: 1. Technology - Iran. 2. Technological innovations - Iran. 3. Science and state - Iran

‏Library of Congress Classification: T173.5.I7D48 2017

‏Title: Dictionary of Iran : A Shorter Encyclopedia\ D. L. Bradley

‏Publication: USA: D. L. Bradley and Khaneh-ye-Entesharha-ye-Navisandegan, 2016

‏‏Subject: Iran - Encyclopedias

‏Library of Congress Classification: R DS253.B7D5 2016

‏Title: Din, siyaset ve kadın: İran devrimi\ Serpil Sancar

‏Publication: Ankara: Nika Yayinevi, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Islam and politics - Iran. 2. Iran - Politics and government. 3. Muslim women - Iran

‏Library of Congress Classification: BP63.I7S2 2016

‏Title: Diplomacy and reform in Iran: foreign policy under Khatami\ Edward Wastnidge

‏Publication: London: I.B. Tauris, 2016

‏‏Subject: Iran - Foreign relations, 1997-

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS318.83.W3D5 2016

‏‏Title: Economic welfare and inequality in Iran: developments since the revolution\ Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Pooya Alaedini, editors

‏Publication: New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Income distribution - Iran. 2. Iran - Economic history. 3. Iran - Economic conditions 4.Iran - Social conditions

‏Library of Congress Classification: HC480.I5E26 2016

‎‏‏Title: The emergence of early Sufi piety and Sunni scholasticism: Abdallah b. al-Mubarak and the formation of Sunni identity in the second Islamic century\ by Feryal Salem

‏Publication: Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2016

‏Subject: 1. Ibn al-Mubarak, Abd Allah, 736-797. 2. Hadith scholars - Biography. 3. Islam - History 4.Islamic civilization

‏Library of Congress Classification: BP80.I216S3 2016

‏Title: The emergence of Iranian nationalism : race and the politics of dislocation/ Reza Zia-Ebrahimi

‏Publication: New York: Columbia university press, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Nationalism - Iran - History. 2. Iran - Intellectual life - History

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS266.Z53 2016

‏Title: Etymological dictionary of the Sumerian language\ Simo Parpola; Neo-Assyrian text corpus project (Helsinki)

‏Publication: Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, cop. 2016

‏‏Subject: Sumerian language - Dictionaries - English

‏Library of Congress Classification: R PJ4037.P3E8 2016

‏Title: Garm Roud: une halte de chasse en Iran; paleolithique superieur = گرم رود: پناهگاه شکار در ایران؛ دیرینه سنگی فوقانی\ Gilles Berillon; Asghar Asgari Khaneghah; Preface du Yves Coppens

‏Publication: Prigonrieux; Teheran: Rcheo-editions; IFRI, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1. Iran - Garm Roud. 2. Iran - Excavations (Archaeology). 3. Iran - Elburz Mountains

‏Library of Congress Classification: DS262.G37A8 2016


کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی


تازه‌های کتاب‌های خریداری شده در کتابخانه ایرانشناسی 1396(بخش اول)
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