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تازه‌های لاتین در کتابخانه‌ ایران‌شناسی

تازه‌های کتاب‌ در کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی 1396، بخش دوم  

کتابخانه ایران‌شناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی در تلاش برای جمع‌آوری منابع ایران‌شناسی به زبان‌های مختلف است.

کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی، جهت اطلاع و دستیابی محققان و پژوهشگران محترم، کتابشناسی منابع لاتین و فارسی خریداری شده را طی چند بخش در سایت کتابخانه معرفی می نماید؛ بخش های پیشین معرفی این کتاب‌ها را در بخش اول بخوانید. هم اکنون بخش دوم معرفی این کتابها ارائه می شود:

Title: Hafez and his Divan: as viewed by the West\ Nasser Kanani
Publication: Wurzburg: Konigshausen & Neumann, 2016
‏‏Subject:Hafez, Shams al -Din Mohammad, 14th cent., Divan
Library of Congress Classification: PK6465.Z888K4 2016
‏‏Title: Intellectual networks in Timurid Iran: Sharaf al-Din ʻAli Yazdi and the Islamicate republic of letters\ İlker Evrim Binbas
Publication: New York: Cambridge university Press, 2016
Subject: 1. Sharaf al-Din ʻAli Yazdi,-1454.2. Muslims - Intellectual life.3.Iran - Intellectual life
Library of Congress Classification: B5074.S544B56 2016
Title: Iran and the nuclear question: history and evolutionary trajectory\ Mohammad Homayounvash
Publication: London; New York: Routledge, 2017
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Library of Congress Classification: TK9107.H65I7 2017
Title: İran'da modern olmak\ Fariba Adelkhah; İsmail Yerguz
Publication: İstanbul: Metis, 2015
‏‏Subject: 1. Iran - Social life and customs - 21century.2.Islam - Social aspects - Iran.3.Islam and politics - Iran
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Title: Iranian film and Persian fiction\ by M.R. Ghanoonparvar
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Title: Iranian foreign policy: context, regional analyses and U.S. interests\ Lucille Beck, editor
Publication: New York: nova, 2016
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Title: The Iranian Talmud: reading the Bavli in its Sasanian context\ Shai Secunda
‏‏Publication: Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press (PENN), 2014
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Title: Iran Revisited: Exploring the Historical Roots of Culture, Economics, and Society\ Ali Pirzadeh
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Title: Iran's constitutional revolution of 1906: narratives of the Enlightenment\ edited by Ali M. Ansari
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Title: Iran's nuclear program: a study in proliferation and rollback\ Farhad Rezaei
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Title: Iran's strategic penetration of Latin America\ edited by Joseph M. Humire and Ilan Berman; foreword by Marta Lucia Ramirez
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Title: Islamic democracy and its limits : the Iranian experience since 1979\ Tawfiq Alsaif
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Title: Islamism and post-Islamism in Iran: an intellectual history\ Yadullah Shahibzadeh
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‏‏Title: The Jalayirids: dynastic state formation in the Mongol Middle East\ Patrick Wing
Publication: Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016
‏‏Subject: 1. Jalayirids.2.Iran - History, 1256-1500
Library of Congress Classification: DS289.5.W56 2016
Title: Kashefi's Anvar-e Sohayli: rewriting Kalila and Dimna in Timurid Herat\ by Christine van Ruymbeke
Publication: Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2016
Subject: Kalilah wa-Dimnah., Persian
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Title: Koorosh Shishegaran: the art of altruism\ edited by Hamid Keshmirshekan
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Title: Leaving Iran: between migration and exile\ Farideh Goldin
Publication: Edmonton: AU (Athabasca University) Press, 2015
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Library of Congress Classification: E184.37.G65 2015
‏‏Title: Levantine epigraphy and history in the Achaemenid period (539-332 BCE)\ Andre Lemaire, Ecole Pratique des hautes Etudes
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Title: Light and shadows : the story of Iranian Jews\ edited by David Yeroushalmi ; with essays by Kathleen Abraham [with seven others]
Publication: Tel Aviv; Los Angeles: The Museum of the jewish people and the fowler museum at ucla, 2012
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Library of Congress Classification: DS135.I65L54 2012
Title: The look of the book: manuscript production in Shiraz, 1303-1452\ Elaine Wright
Publication: Washington, D.C.; Seattle; Dublin, Ireland: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; University of Washington Press; Chester Beatty Library, [2012]
‏‏Subject: 1.Manuscripts - Iran - Shiraz.2.Illumination of books and manuscripts, Iranian - Iran - Shiraz - History - To 1500.3.Miniature painting, Iranian - Iran - Shiraz - History - To 1500.4.Calligraphy, Persian - Iran - Shiraz - History - To 1500
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Title: Male and female in the epic of Gilgamesh: encounters, literary history, and interpretation\ Tzvi Abusch
Publication: Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 2015
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Library of Congress Classification: PJ3771.G6A24 2015
‏‏Title: A medieval Arabic-Persian dictionary: al-Mulakhkhas fi al-lughat\ Abu al-Fath Hamd ibn Ahmad ibn Hussayn Badi; edited with Notes and An Introduction by Gholamreza Dadkhah and Abbas Goodarznia
Publication: Costa Mesa: Mazda Pub., 2014
‏‏Subject: 1.Arabic language - Dictionaries - Persian.2.Persian language - Dictionaries - Arabic
Library of Congress Classification: R PJ6636.P4B33 2014
Title: The medieval reception of the Shahnama as a mirror for princes \ by Nasrin Askari
Publication: Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2016
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Library of Congress Classification: PK6459.A85 2016
Title: Memories of a Bygone Age: Qajar Persia and Imperial Russia 1853-1902\ Prince Arfa; translated and edited by Michael Noel-Clarke
Publication: London: Gingko Library, 2016
Subject:1.Arfa, Riza,1850 or 1851-1937 or 1938.2.Diplomats - Iran - Biography.3.Consuls - Iran - Biography.4.Princes - Iran - Biography.5.Iran - History - Qajar dynasty, 1794-1925
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Title: Memories of an impossible future: Mehdi Akhavan Sales and the poetics of time\ by Marie Huber
Publication: Leiden ; Boston: Brill, 2017
‏‏Subject: Akhavan Salis, Mahdi - Criticism and interpretation
‏‏Library of Congress Classification: PK6561.A373H8 2017

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