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تازه‌های لاتین در کتابخانه‌ ایران‌شناسی

تازه‌های کتاب‌ در کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی 1396، بخش پنجم  

کتابخانه ایران‌شناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی برای جمع‌آوری منابع ایران‌شناسی به زبان‌های مختلف تلاش می‌کند.

کتابخانه ایرانشناسی مجلس شورای اسلامی، جهت اطلاع و دستیابی محققان و پژوهشگران محترم، کتابشناسی منابع لاتین و فارسی خریداری شده را طی چند بخش در سایت کتابخانه معرفی می نماید؛ بخش­های پیشین معرفی این کتاب‌ها را در بخش اول، بخش دوم، بخش سوم و بخش چهارم بخوانید. هم اکنون معرفی بخش پنجم این کتابها ارائه می شود:


Title: A message from the Great King: Reading Malachi in light of ancient Persian royal messenger texts from the time of Xerxes\ R. Michael Fox

Publication: Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 2015

Subject: 1. Xerxes, I,519 B.C.-465 B.C. or 464 B.C. 2. Bible., Malachi - Criticism, interpretation, etc.3.Bible., Malachi - Language, style

Library of Congress Classification: BS1675.53.F69M4 2015

Title: Modern Iran: a history in documents\ edited, translated, and introduced by Negin Nabavi

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Title: Molla Nasreddin: polemics, caricatures & satire\ Translated by Farid Alakbarli;Lithography Aleksei Kalabin; Edited by Slavs and Tatars

Publication: London: I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2017

Subject: 1. Nasreddin, Hoca - active 13th century - Periodicals. 2. Nasreddin Hoca (Anecdotes)

‏‏Azerbaijani literature - 20th century

Library of Congress Classification: PN6231.N27M6 2017

Title: Moments of silence: authenticity in the cultural expressions of the Iran-Iraq war, 1980-1988\ edited by Arta Khakpour, Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami and Shouleh Vatanabadi

Publication: New York: New York University press, 2016

‏‏Subject: Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988 - Literature and the war

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Title: Morgen in Iran: die Islamische Republik im Aufbruch\ Adnan Tabatabai

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‏‏Subject: 1. Islam and politics - Iran. 2. Iran - Politics and government. 3. Iran - Social conditions.4.Iran - Economic policy

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Title: Mountains and lowlands : Ancient Iran and Mesopotamia\ Paul Collins

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Title: The mystery of contemporary Iran\ Mahnaz Shirali ; translated by Bernice Dubois

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‏‏Title: Nine Months in Iran\ by George N. Bullen

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Library of Congress Classification: DS259.B8N5 2015

Title: Osmanli'da ve iran'da mezhep ve devlet\ Taha Akyol

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‏‏Subject: 1. Islam and State - Iran – History. 2. Islam and State - Turkey – History. 3. Turkey - History - Ottoman Empire, 1288-1918

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Title: Osmanli - iran iliskileri (1482 - 1576)\ Hamidreza Mohammednejad

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Title: The pearl of Khorasan: a history of Herat\ C.P.W. Gammell

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Title: Penitential sections of the Xorde Avesta (patits)\ David Buyaner; critical edition with commentary and glossary

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Title: Persian painting: the arts of the book and portraiture\ Adel T. Adamova and Manijeh Bayani

Publication: London: Thames & Hudson, 2015

‏‏Subject: 1. Illumination of books and manuscripts, Iranian, Catalogs. 2. Miniature painting, Iranian - Catalogs. 3. Illumination of books and manuscripts, Iranian - Catalogs. 4. Miniature painting, Iranian - Catalogs

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: ND3241.A343P4 2015

Title: Post-orientalism; knowledge & power in a time of terror\ Hamid Dabashi

Publication: New Brunswick; London: Transaction Pub., 2015

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Title: Power and change in Iran: politics of contention and conciliation\ edited by Daniel Brumberg and Farideh Farhi

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Subject: Iran - Politics and government, 21st century

Library of Congress Classification: DS318.825.P69 2016

Title: Precarious lives: waiting and hope in Iran\ Shahram Khosravi

‏‏Publication: Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania press (PENN), 2017

‏‏Subject: 1. Identity (Psychology) in youth - Iran.2. Identity (Psychology) in youth - Political aspects -Iran.3. Identity (Psychology) in youth - Economic aspects - Iran. 4. Youth - Iran - Social conditions

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: HQ799.I7K47 2017

Title: Priscian: Answers to King Khosroes of Persia\ translated by Pamela Huby, Sten Ebbesen, David Langslow, Donald Russell, Carlos Steel and Malcolm Wilson

Publication: London, Oxford, New York, New Delhi, Sydney: Bloomsbury and diana logo are trademarks of bloomsbury publishing plc, 2016

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Library of Congress Classification: B744.3.P7513 2016

Title: The prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian empire\ editor in chief, Simo Parpola ; editor in charge, Karen Radner ; linguistic consultants, Raija Mattila, Rudiger Schmitt, Ran Zadok

Publication: [Helsinki]: Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 1998-2011

‏‏Subject: 1.Names, Personal - Assyria - Dictionaries.2.Prosopography - Assyria.3. Akkadian language

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: R PJ3545.P76 1998-2011

Title: Prozak diaries: psychiatry and generational memory in Iran\ Orkideh Behrouzan

Publication: Stanford; California: Stanford University press, 2016

Subject: 1.Psychiatry - Iran. 2. Depression, Mental - Iran. 3. Youth - Iran - Psychology. 4. Medical anthropology - Iran

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Title: Rebel, jester, mystic, poet: contemporary persians\ Fereshteh daftari; works from the Mohammed afkhami

Publication: London; Toronto: Aga Khan Museum, Black Dog Publishing Limited, 2017

‏‏Subject: 1. Art, Iranian - Exhibitions. 2. Exhibition catalogs

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‏‏Title: Reform cinema in Iran: film and political change in the Islamic Republic\ Blake Atwood

Publication: New York: Columbia university press, 2016

‏‏Subject: 1.Motion pictures - Iran - History - 20th century. 2.Motion pictures - Iran - History - 21st century. 3. Motion pictures - Political aspects – Iran.4.Motion picture industry - Political aspects - Iran - 20th century

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Title: Right to passage: travels through India, Pakistan and Iran\ Zeeshan Khan

Publication: Los Angeles: SAGE; YODA press, 2016

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Title: The rise of the Persian novel: from the constitutional revolution to Reza Shah 1910-1927\ Claus V. Pedersen

Publication: Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2016

‏‏Subject: Persian fiction - 20th century - History and criticism

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Title: Roads to paradise : eschatology and concepts of the hereafter in Islam\ edited by Sebastian Gunther, Todd Lawson, with the assistance of Christian Mauder

Publication: Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2017

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‏‏Title: Role theory and role conflict in U.S.-Iran relations: enemies of our own making\ Akan Malici and Stephen G. Walker

Publication: New York; London: Routledge, 2017

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Title: Rum Seljuq architecture, 1170-1220: the patronage of sultans\ Richard P. McClary

Publication: Edinburgh: Edinburgh University press, 2017

‏‏Subject: 1. Architecture, Seljuk - History.2. Architecture, Seljuk - Turkey - History.3. Decoration and ornament, Seljuk - Turkey - History.4.Decoration and ornament, Architectural - Turkey - History

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: NA1363.M33R8 2017

‏‏Title: Samarkand, the center of the world: proposals for the identification of the Afrasyab paintings\ by Matteo Compareti

Publication: Costa Mesa, California: Mazda Pub., 2016

‏‏Subject: 1.Mural painting and decoration, Uzbek - Uzbekistan - Samarqand - Themes, motives.2.Mural painting and decoration, Sogdian - Uzbekistan - Samarqand - Themes, motives.3. Archaeology, Medieval - Uzbekistan - Samarqand

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: ND2824.7.U93 S36313 2016

Title: Samarqand et le Sughd a l'epoque 'abbasside: histoire politique et sociale\ Yury Karev

Publication: Paris: Association pour l'Avancement des Etudes Iraniennes, 2015

‏‏Subject: 1.Excavations (Archaeology) - Uzbekistan - Samarqand. 2. Islam - Asia, Central - History - To 1500.3.Transoxiana - History, To 1500.4.Samarqand (Uzbekistan) - Antiquities

‏‏Library of Congress Classification: DK949.T73K37 2015

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